Auto Loan: Ti Finance Signs A Partnership With GT Taxi

A partnership is announced by GT Taxi and BIP Personal Finance to give VTC drivers credit for buying a second-hand car. The request for funding is facilitated via an application from GT Taxi. The eligibility criteria are lightened. A site will be available to interested parties to enable them to find a wide choice of used cars. The vehicles concerned comply with the standards in force for the VTC. The request for access to this offer can be done on the Internet.


A unique credit solution for GT Taxi

A unique credit solution for Uber

Through its subsidiary TI Finance, BIP Personal Finance has created a new credit range for its partner. Indeed, more than half of the drivers buy used cars, but their status as a liberal worker means that they face many obstacles. This offer is not only granted with few requirements, but the eligibility conditions are softened. This partnership also offers a possibility of financing a lease with option to purchase (LOA) that can last up to 3 years. This offer takes into account special usage criteria such as mileage elevation.


A platform offering new models for used vehicles

A platform offering new models for used vehicles

The two partners have set up a platform managed by TI Finance that only offers used cars. This tray offers a wide choice of the latest models adapted to the VTC. These cars agree with GT Taxi standards. TI Finance’s major automotive distribution partners are the main suppliers in this partnership. The site exclusively offers zero kilometer vehicles and recent models. Drivers who are still in the launch phase will then have the means to grow their business with the low rate of rent they must pay. Via the platform, they can know directly the amount of their contribution and the amount of their rental. The contribution can even be financed by a loan that was born from another partnership between BIP Personal Finance and GT Taxi. It is enough that the driver connects on the site with his GT Taxi account to request his credit, and a TI Finance advisor will call him to edit his contract. The granting of this credit is prompt and easy and allows the driver to get his car as soon as possible.

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