Tips to Save on Car Insurance

Car insurance usually weighs in the pocket of Brazilians. But know that there are some simple attitudes that can help you spend less money on insurance without breaking any rules.

Want to pay cheap insurance on your car and do not know how? So check out the valuable recommendations that VBA Credit Prepared for you.


Find a reliable insurance broker

Those who do not give up the economy in car insurance should insure anxiety in choosing the broker and seek good references. Talk to friends or search for reviews about brokers who perform auto insurance quote services.

The auto insurance broker has access to quotes from various insurers and can help you identify the best plan for your profile, plus the most economical one, according to what you are looking for.


Cote car insurance in various insurers

Cote car insurance in various insurers

To save on the insurance of your car do not choose the first option that appears. To economize it is essential to evaluate different proposals before closing deals, either through a broker or not.

If you prefer to seek the information directly from the insurers, that is, without the help of a broker, inform that it is in the stage of simulations. This is the moment that you can also avail to clarify doubts about the offered insurance.


Hire essential insurance services

When choosing the services that will be hired in car insurance, be aware of the additional services that may make hiring more expensive.

There are some services that are only complementary to hiring insurance, such as third party coverage, 24 hour assistance, glass cover, among others.

The essential services are the thefts against robbery and theft. There are also collision and fire covers.


Pay in cash if possible

Want to pay cheap? The cash payment of your car insurance can help you get extra discounts. At the time of hiring, please inform your competitor values ​​and try to negotiate a lower value, to close the hiring.

VBA Credit can help you save on your car insurance! Those who are out of money to pay for the car insurance in cash may opt for a personal payday loan, with installments that fit in the pocket and lower interest rates.


Your conduct in transit is worth money

Hire essential insurance services

However much an insurer wants to sell its services, the company, like any other, does not want to have losses. For this reason, the insurer seeks to know how you, “future client”, behave in traffic.

A negative track record can make your car insurance even more expensive and even prevent you from getting coverage. Those who have a positive history are more likely to be able to save on car insurance.


Do not add drivers without necessity

Is It Worth It To Include Family In Car Insurance? Well, if you are the only driver, you do not have to include other members.

Additional drivers make the insurance of your car more car, especially if the age of the additional driver is less than 25 years. But if other people will use your car, it is important to add it. The insurer may refuse payment of the indemnity in the event of an accident with an unlisted driver.


Install a crawler

Your car insurance can be even cheaper if you install a tracker. The facility is usually offered by insurers at no additional cost.

Anyone who has a crawler has a high chance of getting discounts on the insurance policy, which can reach 30% depending on the vehicle’s profile. Consult the insurer and understand the best alternative for you to save on the insurance of your car.


Speak the Truth

Do not add drivers without necessity

There are some attitudes that can hinder the hiring of your car insurance and even difficulty the indemnification, and the omission is the worst of them.

Speak the truth at the time you are taking out the insurance and when it is necessary to trigger it, so as not to be harmed and to be able to maintain discounts on the renewal of the policy. Your customer behavior also count on loyalty programs or experience.

Are you still going to buy a car? Watch the model

Before you even buy your car, make an insurance quote, which varies by model of the vehicle. This is because some models have a greater history of theft, which is taken into consideration by insurers.

Who wants to save on car insurance should opt for a little “visa” model. Talk to a broker or insurer to find out which models are the ones that have the cheapest insurance.


Tell your broker about changes

Let your broker know of any changes that have an impact on your insurance, for example if you now have a garage to place the car or if you are living in a less dangerous area, as these adjustments can give you discounts.

You need to inform yourself if you used the vehicle just for a ride and now use it for work as well or if one more person is driving the car. Warnings about changes that may lead to a change in the risk profile is important so that you do not have problems if you need to use the insurance.


Count on VBA Credit

Are you still going to buy a car? Watch the model

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